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Body to Body Massage- Body to Body massage is a kind of massage where the masseuse uses his/her body to massage or apply hot oils or lotions in the opponent’s body. This is usually one of the many variations of sensual body massage where both parties are exposed to one another.

Female to male massage- A massage using essential oils, moisturizers and lotions on a male body performed by a female masseuse is what a Female to male massage usually is. This requires both the willing parties to be comfortable so that the masseuse can work out the knots in the opponent’s body.

Sandwich massage- Sandwich massage or a 4 hand massage as we call it involves two masseuses to work on a single customer using their own body to rub oils and lotions on the customers. This is more of a stimulating erotic body massage variation.

Chocolate massage- Using chocolate or cocoa-based products to perform massage is known as chocolate massage. Each and every product from hot oils to creams or lotions need to contain high quantity of cocoa or chocolate wax. This is a rejuvenating form of massage that helps in skin firming.

Deep tissue massage- Deep Tissue Massage is an invigorating form of extensive full body massage where the masseuse focuses on the connective tissues or the deeper muscular structures of the body. With the right kind of pressure, the painful knots restricting blood flow within the tissue can be unfold.

Swedish massage- Swedish massage is one of the most common massage type in the western countries. It involves applying mild or moderate pressure in the back focusing on knotted muscles with the help of hot oils. The main focus of this massage is to relieve pain, tension and stiffness from your muscles.

Hot stone massage- Specialty of hot stone massage involves the use of flat stones, water-heated and placed along the line of your spine, limbs and necessary key points in your body. The hot stones help your muscles to relax allowing the kneaded muscular obstructions to release themselves.

Thai massage- Thai massages are one of the most intense variations of a full body massage where the therapist uses your arms, legs and body to form yoga like postures to relieve stress and stiffness from your body. This is actually an ancient yet effective form of body massage.

Nuru massage- Nuru massage is one of the most stimulating and sensual form of erotic body massage where one or more massage therapists use their exposed body to apply and massage oil or lotion in the customer’s body. This is a Japanese form of massage variation.

Gel massage- Gel massage is a variation of the traditional oil massage where instead of using an oil-based applicant, the masseuse uses a gel product as a massage base. Gel massage residues are easier to clean post massage and yet gives the same intense feeling of a hot oil massage.

Oil Massage- Oil massage is one of the most common and traditional form of massage where the masseuse uses oil based products such as creams, lotions and mostly hot oils to use as an applicant base for the oil massage. This is not only effective but also a great stimulant for erotic massages.

Reflexology Massage- Reflexology massage is a type of massage where the masseuse focuses on specific parts of your body, namely, your ears, hands and feet. They choose key points to massage or stimulate that are connected to the rest of the body.

Full Body Massage- A full body massage is open to interpretation by the customer. This usually includes the entire body. However, this need not include your intimate parts. The masseuse usually uses hot oils or lotions to thoroughly massage the whole area, even the areas surrounding your intimate parts.

Sensual Massage- The main focus of a sensual massage is to release knotted sexual tension and stiffness from a body and often includes people of opposite genders. The masseuse uses hot oils, lotions or creams as a stimulant to apply and massage the customer’s body.